“Committed, persistent, compassionate, and gentle are a few words I would use to describe Lori. She came to me as a bereaved mom wanting to make it better for other families. Her Healing from the Start project was exciting and clearly, a good idea. We both did some training together for hospital staff and she did a wonderful job! Soon after, I trained her to be a Peer Support Parent and then when I was ill and could not conduct a training, she jumped in and did it…very well, from what I hear. Though a very busy person, she makes time to connect with people and follow her new found passion to improve the care of the bereaved while supporting the staff. I highly recommend Lori. She is now a dear colleague and friend.”
Sherokee Ilse, Author, Speaker, Consultant, President, Wintergreen Press and Babies Remembered

“Those that hear you speak on perinatal bereavement will never approach caring for the families undergoing such a loss the same way again. Thank you for helping us improve our compassionate care program!”
Kathy (MSN, RN-BC)

“I would have been lost without Lori. A couple that I work with and, am close friends with, went into labor at 5 months and lost their sweet baby girl, “Kayla Elizabeth”. I was devastated, was grieving the loss of Baby “Kayla” and angry that this had to happen to my sweet friends. Lori helped me so much by making me aware of how important it was to talk to my friends rather that running and hiding like I would usually do. Because Lori has lost a baby herself, she was able to share with me some very special things that meant so much to her, that I could pass along to my friends, even in the earliest stages of their loss. Like the importance of having pictures made of Kayla, their rights as parents at the hospital as well as their baby, “Kayla’s” rights. Lori, also came to my work and spoke to a group of our co-workers on how to support our friends during their time of grieving. Not only was her insight and information helpful for us to support our friends, but it also helped some in our group cope with Perinatal losses that they had stuffed away and never were able to grieve or talk about themselves. Lori has helped me and some of my friends at work to change the way we would normally react when supporting our friends that have lost a loved one and I know that she has made an impact on my friends who have lost their baby by helping me to get critical information to them right away to help them cope. Lori is a true friend to those in times of need, has an abundance of wisdom, knowledge and insight along with strength and compassion that is helpful to all who are going through a Perinatal loss.”
With love in abundance,
Patty (Friend & Co-Worker to newly bereaved family.)

Lori and I became acquainted a few months after my son Bryce was born still, our very dear friend Sherokee Ilse connected us. Lori is one of the few blessings that came into my life, during this terrible time, she was and still is an Angel that was sent to help me heal. Her words of wisdom, and constant encouragement helped me get through the weeks that lay ahead of me. We emailed every week and Lori’s emails were always something for me to look forward to. Lori not only helped me deal with the day to day grieving that I was going through, but she also was my biggest support during my pregnancy following the loss of my son. I know that because of Lori’s strength and help, things went much smoother than I had ever expected! My grief journey is coming up on to two years and even now we still are in communication….actually I can not imagine not having her be part of my life. Forever and always Lori and I will be connected…
(Lori, your constant support in my life over the past two years has helped me get to where I am today. Your undivided devotion to bereaved parents such as myself, goes above and beyond any expectations that I may have had when I agreed to receive email support from you. I can’t thank you enough for all your encouragement, for all your love and support. You helped me through the two toughest hurdles that I have encountered thus far in my life. First with your support with losing my son Bryce, and second helping me get through my pregnancy with Kate. Your emails were the highlights of my week. You asked the questions that no one else would ask and answered every question that I asked of you. I am truly blessed that Sherokee connected us. I will forever be grateful that you came into my life and that we connected in such a special way. You are truly an Angel for all your dedication to the work of helping bereaved families and individuals like me. I will cherish the friendship that has developed between us always… I can not imagine my world without you in it! I am now and forever grateful to you and your Bryce, for coming into my life…for helping me heal myself and for allowing me to grow in ways that I did not know I could. As our Bryce’s soar high in the skies, their mommies’ friendship continues to evolve. Thank you for being you!)
Charmayne (Bereaved Parent and Peer Support Parent)