Need a Speaker?

Lori Martini; Perinatal Bereavement Speaker, Consultant and Author of “Healing From The Start” (a FREE Perinatal Bereavement Coaching Manual for Medical & Nursing Staff; Dealing with Miscarriage, Stillbirth and Neonatal Death.)

I am a Bereaved Parent, Stillbirth Advocate, Peer Support Parent, Perinatal Bereavement Coach, Trainer, Consultant and Speaker.

Specifically offering coaching on how to offer compassionate grief care and Making Memories With Baby: For Medical & Nursing Staff, Bereavement Professionals, Supporters and Corporations (wanting to learn how to support a bereaved employee after their baby has died – before they return to work and once they are back at work.)

I am available to come speak at your site, class or seminar. I do coaching & consulting over the phone and via email as well. ‘One on One’ coaching is always an option. I speak to groups, medical & nursing staff, bereavement professionals and family/friends of the bereaved parents (how do we support our loved one who is hurting so badly?)

I also coach corporations wanting to learn how to support their bereaved employees, I speak at Pregnancy & Infant Loss support groups, bereavement conferences and at memorial services or other gatherings of perinatal bereaved.

I speak from my own personal experience and those of other bereaved parents to address such questions as….

Why are taking remembrance pictures of the baby so important to the grief process of a bereaved family? Should a stillbirth mother stay on the maternity ward? What if the bereaved family is from a different culture? How does language (verbal and nonverbal) used by those around bereaved parents affect their grief journey? What should I say to a newly bereaved parent? It is all so uncomfortable…how do I, the caregiver, cope? How will bereaved parents respond to my offering them support? Is taking pictures of the parents and their deceased baby a morbid or a healing thing? What’s the best way to follow up with bereaved parents? Is it okay to cry in front of the bereaved parents? Just to name a few……..

For more information on my talks, availability, fees, scheduling or other details please contact me at: