My name is Lori Martini; I am a bereaved parent and Perinatal Bereavement Coach/Consultant.

Thank you for visiting my website, which has been developed to help care providers who offer medical, emotional and spiritual support to parents and families who have experienced the profound devastation of a baby dying (through a miscarriage, stillbirth or early infant death.) When a baby dies, no matter how early in the pregnancy, it is heart breaking and confusing to know what to say or do when offering your support to these families. The intention of my website & coaching manual is to help with just that.

I also welcome newly bereaved parents who are in search of immediate support, coping suggestions, a listening ear & baby loss resources (please click on “BEREAVED PARENT SUPPORT” at the top of the page…as well as, “Parent Support Handout,” which is located under Resources on the right side of the page.)

In addition, I welcome to my website bereaved parents who have integrated their grief into their lives and who now want to reach out to offer their support to newly bereaved families…as a way of giving back.

Please spend some time exploring my website. Read about my FREE coaching manual called “Healing From The Start, which offers information on how to care for a newly bereaved family in a way that could minimize the parents regrets and to help support these families on their grief journey in a healthy and empowering way. Read the Why Make Memories page, my personal stillbirth story and consider using my survey for bereaved parentsin order to get feedback for making improvements to your bereavement program.

I highly encourage your thoughts and feedback on my website too. I strongly feel the only way to improve is to know where to improve.

My goal is to support bereaved parents, AND it is top priority for me to also offer support to the caregivers who are there for us bereaved parents in our time of need. If caregivers are properly supported & provided quality Perinatal Loss Bereavement training…the end result could be that newly bereaved parents will benefit tenfold and be able to truly “Heal From The Start.”

Lori Martini (Mother to Makai, Traven, Reave and stillborn son, Bryce Neily Martini.) —Author of Healing From The Start, Perinatal Bereavement Coach, Consultant, Speaker, Trainer and Peer Support Parent.

***BRAND NEW***  JUST ADDED TO MY WEBSITE:  I now have a section on my website dedicated to offering support to newly bereaved parents in need of Peer Support (to learn more please take a look at the section called Bereaved Parent Support.)

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please feel free to contact me at LoriMartini@healingfromthestart.com

Thank you in advance for considering using this piece in your already very inspiring work.