‘HEARTBREAKINGLY’ became a Bereaved Parent – Endured a Full-Term Stillbirth Loss on November 30, 2004 (due to a Placental Abruption.)

Became a Perinatal Loss Advocate – 2007 to present.

Trained in “Peer Support Companioning” –Now providing compassionate support & guidance to newly bereaved parents prior to birth, during and/or afterwards. 2007 to present.

Created the “Healing From The Start” project – 2007.

Created the “Healing From The Start” Manual – Which is a Perinatal Loss medical & nursing coaching manual. 2007 to present (…this is a continually updated manual.)

The A.M.E.N.D. Baby Loss Support Group – Participant/Supporter/Speaker 2005 to present.

Tampa General Hospital Speaking Engagements (for OB Transitional Nurses Classes): Aug 2007, Jan 2008, July 2008 and March 2009.

Tampa General Hospital Speaking Engagement – February 5, 2009 (provided coaching for the Oncology staff who take care of newly bereaved moms after these moms have been moved from Labor & Delivery floor to their floor.)

Tampa General Hospital’s (Annual Perinatal Loss Memorial Service) Speaking Engagements: Oct. 2007, Oct. 2008, Oct. 2009, Oct. 2010, Oct. 2011 & Oct. 2012.

Participated in the First Candle’s Peer Support Companion Training – via conference calls & webinars 2008.

Joined First Candle’s Online Stillbirth Loop – 2008 to present.

Became First Candle Peer Support Companion Volunteer – 2008 to present.

Helped implement Tampa General Hospital’s Perinatal Bereavement Conference – Oct. 14, 2008.

Speaker & Participant at Tampa General Hospital’s Perinatal Bereavement Conference – Oct. 14, 2008.

Participant of PLIDA’s 16th Annual Perinatal Bereavement Conference in Clearwater, FL. – Oct. 16th-19th 2008.

Organized & led the ‘In Person’ First Candle “Peer Support Companion Training” in Tampa, FL. – Oct. 25, 2008.

Providing Subsequent Pregnancy Peer Support (to bereaved parents after enduring the death of a baby…and who are now in a new pregnancy.) – 2007 to present.

Volunteer (assistant to the remembrance photographers) for “Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep.” – 2009 to present.

June 2009 – Completed the following bereavement classes from Bereavement Services (the RTS People:) 1. Communicating with the Bereaved 2. Theoretical Framework of Grief 3. Caring for the Family Experiencing Perinatal Loss – An Introduction to R.T.S.

August 2009 – Spoke to a wonderful group of employees on the topic of Perinatal Bereavement and how to offer their bereaved co-worker grief support & comfort at work.

December 2009 to present: Babies Remembered Consulting (Sherokee Ilse & Associates) – Signed on with Sherokee Ilse to be a Perinatal Bereavement Consultant.

Participated in and assisted Sherokee Ilse at the Lamaze Conference in Orlando, FL. (Topic: “Unexpected Outcomes” by Sherokee Ilse.) – 2009

Spoke at the “Perinatal Loss -Beyond The Basics” Babies Remembered Workshop in Sarasota, Florida (Sarasota Memorial Hospital) – Feb. 22, 2010.

USF OB/GYN Physicians Group Grand Rounds guest speaker – April 7, 2010 (I spoke on “How To Support a Family after the Diagnosis,” as well as on the topic of “Peer Support.”)

Shadowed & Assisted a “Perinatal Loss Doula” during a Stillbirth loss and a Miscarriage loss; I offered Peer Support to the bereaved families and guided them in spending cherished time with and creating keepsakes of their precious babies. – July 2010

Facilitator for the AMEND Baby Loss Support Group – Topics discussed: “Getting Through The Holidays,” “Active Grieving,” and “Hurtful Comments.” – November 2010 to Present

Advisor for “Loss Doula’s International” – 2011 to Present

Participated in the “Loss Doulas International” training to become a certified Baby Loss Doula” – March 2012 in St. Petersburg, Florida

Participated in the Tampa General Hospital Perinatal Loss DVD Project…on the topic of my personal loss experience with my son, Bryce, and what I would recommend caregivers do to help newly bereaved parents (this DVD is to be used for staff trainings) Title of Video: “Perinatal Loss From a Parent’s Point of View – Speaker: Lori Martini” – May 2012

Peer Support Companion/Baby Loss Doula in the NICU – Assisting families in the NICU while their baby is still on life support. Also, providing support & guidance to the families when their baby has died as well. – May 2012 to present

Put on a Powerpoint Presentation at the USF OB/GYN Physicians Group (this was for the Medical Assistants & Nurses who care for newly bereaved moms.) Topic of presentation: “Compassionate Support…Empowering Bereaved Families (when a baby dies.”) – November 2012

Created the “Healing From The Start” Facebook Support Page – 2012 to present